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Reazul Ahsan
Associate Professor, Urban Ecology
Ext. 6217
Location: U846
Assistant Professor
Ext. 6245
Location: U914
Habtamu Aycheh
Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ext. 6347
Location: 759
Idil Ayral
Assistant Professor, Urban Ecology
Location: U845
Jong-hun Bae
Associate Instructor, Music
Ext. 6226
Location: 842
Evan Benoit
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Ext. 6249
Location: 762
Raheel Bhutta
Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ext. 6348
Location: 760
Brandy Bippes
Assistant Professor, Writing & Rhetoric
Ext. 6205
Location: 708
Gaia Bonsignore
Assistant Professor, Film & Media Arts
Ext. 6339
Location: 915
Valentine Breitbarth
Course Instructor, Undergraduate Studies
Location: 720
Brian Byun
Assistant Dean of Admissions & Marketing
Ext. 6131
Location: 609
James Cameron
Writing Center Tutor
Yunah Cho
Administrative Coordinator for CMI Asia
Ext. 6901
Location: 821-2
Alexis Choi
Undergraduate Student Academic Advisor
Ext. 6110
Location: 739
Helena Choi
Student Mental Health Therapist
Ext. 032-626-5142
Location: MCB #3051
JaeHoon Ava Choi
Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Ext. 6130
Location: 201
Neil E.cotter
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ext. 6210
Location: 761
Mahmoud Elgarhy
Adjunct Professor
Location: U921
Philip Garcia
Assistant Professor, Film & Media Arts
Ext. 6234
Location: 913
Byoung-gyu Gong
Assistant Professor, Business
Ext. 032-626-6202
Location: U723
Jacquie Hebert
Assistant Professor, Writing & Rhetoric
Ext. 6233
Location: 710
Ji Heo
Admissions Counselor
Ext. 6135
Location: 201
Greg Hill
Chief Administrative Officer/Dean of Faculty
Ext. 6011
Location: 808
Marisa Hill
Associate Instructor, Communication
Ext. 6224
Location: 768
Claudia Hong
Executive Director of Human Resources
Ext. 6197
Location: U851
Casey Jeehoon Hyun
Director for CMI Asia
Ext. 6900
Location: 821-1
Sujin Jang
Admissions Counselor
Ext. 6133
Location: 201
Heein Kang
IT Manager
Ext. 6121
Location: 852
Chaithanya Karanth
Course Instructor, Undergraduate Studies
Location: 720
Georgios Karotsis
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Ext. 6229
Location: 826
Bo Ram Kim
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Ext. 6206
Location: 841
C.H. Kim
Adjunct Professor, Communication
Ext. 6219
Location: 728
Hak Yoon Kim
Course Instructor, Business
Location: 720
Heidi HyeJin Kim
Assistant Director for Academic Advising
Ext. 6225
Location: 738
Louise Kim
Executive Director of Business Operations
Ext. 6125
Location: 807
Sejin Kim
Associate Professor, Communication
Ext. 6218
Location: 726
Seo-young Kim
Administrative Assistant to Academic Affairs
Ext. 6003
Location: 813
Seyoung Kim
Assistant Professor, Art
Ext. 6228
Location: 825
Sujin Kim
Lab Specialist
Ext. 6150
Location: U934
Sunghee Kim
Assistant Professor, Business
Ext. 6211
Location: U721
Wondae Kim
Associate Professor, ESSF
Ext. 6212
Location: 824
Yiseo Kim
Mental Health Counselor
Ext. 6142
Location: #3052, Multi-Complex Building, IGC
Molly Kinder
Program Coordinator
Ext. 6016
Location: 206
Hye-Joo Kwon
Associate Professor, Biology
Ext. 6238
Location: U827
Hwan Yong Lee
Associate Professor, Math
Ext. 6201
Location: 843
J.J Lee
Executive Director of Campus Operations and Government Affairs
Ext. 6120
Location: 851
Jacob Lee
Career Counselor & Program Coordinator
Ext. 6199
Location: 737
June-Young Lee
Assistant Professor, Communication
Ext. 6346
Location: 724
Kera Lovell
Associate Professor, History
Ext. 6231
Location: 704
Donald MacAngus
Associate Professor, Communication
Ext. 6216
Location: 729
Fatemeh Mahalian
Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ext. 6345
Location: 758
Joshua Marchand
Course Instructor, EAE
Maria Teresa Martinez Garcia
Assistant Professor, Language (Spanish)
Ext. 6241
Location: 828
Randy McCrillis
Executive Director/ Dean of Students
Location: 612
Simon McEnteggart
Assistant Professor, Film & Media Arts
Ext. 6236
Location: 916
Nathan Meyer
Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric
Ext. 6204
Location: 707
Porter Morgan
Associate Professor, Political Science
Ext. 6232
Location: 705
Scott Morris
Assistant Professor, Writing & Rhetoric
Ext. 6012
Location: 706
Jae Won Oh
Assistant Professor
Ext. 6247
Location: U739
Carina Pals
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Ext. 6222
Location: 837
Ahram Park
Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Studies
Ext. 6208
Location: 725
Eunkyung Park
Korean Instructor, Language
Ext. 6235
Location: 773
James Park
Director of External Relations and Alumni Relations
Ext. 6009
Location: 857
Jason Park
Operations Team Associate
Ext. 6008
Location: 853
Khee Park
IT Specialist
Ext. 6124
Location: 861
Sunhee Park
Executive Assistant
Ext. 6004
Location: 806
Santosh Pathak
Assistant Professor, Math
Ext. 6122
Location: 844
Matthew Pecsok
Assistant Professor, Business
Ext. 6202
Location: 727
Paul Rose
Professor-Lecturer, Communication
Ext. 6215
Location: U730
Francis Schortgen
Associate Dean of Faculty
Ext. 6220
Location: 856
Hugh Schuckman
Associate Professor, Writing & Rhetoric
Ext. 6213
Location: 709
Dustin Schwindt
Assistant Professor, Film & Media Arts
Ext. 6147
Location: 917
Allison Segal
Assistant Professor, Writing & Rhetoric
Ext. 6230
Location: 769
Jung A Seo
Immigration, VISA and Hiring Specialist
Ext. 6123
Location: 858
Siah Seong
Assitant Director of Marketing
Ext. 6132
Location: 202
Heejin Tae
Junior Accountant
Ext. 6221
Location: 859
Olivia Tjahjono
Writing Center Tutor
Terence Turner
Assistant Dean of Students
Ext. 6014
Location: 611
Sae-won Um
Junior Accountant
Ext. 6161
Location: 854
Suhyen Um
Sr. Undergraduate Student Academic Advisor
Ext. 6100
Location: 740
Ben Voegele
Assistant Director of Admissions
Ext. +1-801-213-1488
Location: Room 3105, Office for Global Engagement, SLC Campus
John Woo
AD of Career & Internship Development, Course Instructor, Business
Ext. 6200
Location: 736
Anna Yacovone
International Programs Coordinator
Ext. 6005
Location: 206
Ha Na Yoo
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Ext. 6127
Location: 840
Hongjuan Zheng
Chinese Instructor, Language
Location: 720