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What Can the Undergraduate Advising Services Do for You?

Working closely with the Undergraduate Advising Services will help you access resources for your education and help you achieve your academic goals. Below are some guidelines for what you can expect from your advisor and what will be expected of you.

  • Listen attentively to your questions and concerns and maintain confidentiality.
  • Respect your unique interests, abilities, and circumstances.
  • Help you explore a variety of academic options that support your personal and career interests.
  • Explain a general education requirements.
  • Explain the various Communication/Psychology/Film and Media Arts/Urban Ecology degree requirements.
  • Assist you in building an appropriate class schedule.
  • Refer you to appropriate campus resources as needed.
  • Help you learn how to search out answers for yourself.

  • Make decisions for you. Choices you make about courses to take or what to major/minor in must be yours, since the results of those decisions affect your future.
  • Clear you for graduation. While the Undergraduate Advising Services can help you plan your courses to meet graduation requirements and sign graduation papers, you are responsible for making sure that you have met the requirements. The graduation office has the final authority in determining when you have satisfied all of the requirements for your degree.

  • Ask questions! Let us know when you need assistance with classes, ways to get involved, or even personal health concerns.
  • Be prepared for advising sessions by bringing appropriate documents, making a list of questions and planning a tentative schedule.
  • Honestly communicate your unique interests, abilities, and circumstances with your advisor.
  • Take responsibility for achieving your success and accepting the consequences of your academic and personal decisions.
  • Meet with your advisor regularly, we recommend meeting with an advisor every semester.
  • Make sure that your AP, IB and transfer credits have been transferred to the U for evaluation.
  • Arrive for your appointment on time.   If you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP to allow us to assist other students needing appointments.

  • Generate and bring a Degree Audit Report (DARS)
  • Compile a list of your questions.
  • Ensure your AP, IB and concurrent enrollment credits (if you have them) have been posted.


Each major has an Undergraduate Student Department Representative (USDR), selected by all UAC students who are currently identified as majors or pre-majors in that field. These representatives serve as the link between students the Dean of Faculty and departmental faculty.  Students who have concerns, ideas or questions can discuss these with their major representation.

jake-ryuJe uk (Jake) Ryu
Hello, my name is Je uk (Jake), a third-semester student, and I am very honored to be announced as the next USDR for psychology department in University of Utah Asia Campus. I may not be the most outgoing person, but I will do my best to fulfill the role as both a representative and also a mediator between student body and the faculty.

won-seakWon Seok Choi
Hello MMM readers! I am grateful to you and for this opportunity to introduce myself as the USDR at the communications department for the upcoming fall and spring. As my primary role of the USDR is to represent the undergraduate communications students of the UAC, I will not misrepresent the communications students but will do the best in my abilities to contribute for the benefits of the department and the students involved.  Ready to assist, ready to represent,

bella-yanghyeonBella Yanghyeon Im
Hello, my name is Bella Yanghyeon Im. I am 20 years old in Korean age. I was born in Tongyeong and raised in Daegu. I’m truly honored to be the new USDR for communication major during the next two semesters. I will do my best to help out communication students, especially first semester students to survive in UAC successfully and interact with everyone. Thank you.

More Details to Come

More Details to Come

More Details to Come

Have You Declared Your Major?

Speak with the Undergraduate student advisor for the major of your choice regarding requirements for that academic plan. Some majors are “open,” whereas others have special admissions requirements. The advisor will let you know what you need to do to be accepted into the major.

  • You Must Declare A Major To Graduate (Note: Pre-Majors need to declare)
  • Declaring A Major Early May Save You Time And Money
  • Establishes a Catalog Year (This means your major requirements won’t change for 5 years)
  • Once You Declare A Major, You Could Qualify For Departmental Scholarships
  • You Will Have An Answer To The Question: “What’s Your Major?”
  • Declaring Helps Your Departmental Advisor Assist You With Graduation
  • You Will Avoid Getting a Hold that Prevents Future Registration (Undeclared students with 60+ credits will receive a hold that prevents class registration)

For More Information:

SuHyen Heather Um, M. Ed.
Undergraduate Student Advisor
Student Advising Services, Academic Affairs
University of Utah Asia Campus
Phone: 82-32-626-6100

Mathematics Accuplacer Test Guidelines

Usually, you will take the Accuplacer test around the middle of your first semester.

  • Tentative Date: Fall: October 7th or October 8th / Spring:
  • Time: 5pm
  • Location: Computer lab A704

There is no need to prepare for the test. However, I have requested from some of you to share some preparation materials. Following information is from one of the math professors from the main campus.

The mathematics placement test primarily covers algebra, with a little trigonometry. A variety of math study guides are generally available at most bookstores and libraries. Besides these, there are also online resources. The following links, for example, lead to free practice tests and other study materials:

  • College Board – Accuplacer
    Note: The Testing Center does not necessarily endorse any of these resources and is not responsible for their content.

  • Be on time.
  • Bring your own pencil.
  • Bring your U ID or picture ID. Photo Identification (driver’s license, school I.D. card, passport, etc.) is required for admittance to the test.

No, Calculators are not permitted.

The Accuplacer is not timed by the online program. But, the realities of running a testing center require that there be some kind of predictability in scheduling. Thus, because the average test taker finishes within 90 minutes, the Testing Center allows test takers a maximum of two hours to finish the exam.

The Accuplacer is a computer-based test, and this allows it to be adaptive to your particular skill level. For example, if you do well on the first questions, it may skip questions that may be too easy for you, and move directly on to a more difficult type of question. Thus, as part of the testing process, you may advance through three different tests:

  • Arithmetic (AR)
  • Elementary Algebra (EA)
  • College Level Math (CLM)

Scores Accuplacer Score(s) Placement
AR < 120 or EA <= 54 Math 990
54 < EA <= 90 or CLM < 50 Math 1010
CLM >= 50 Math 1030, 1040, 1070
CLM >= 60 Math 1050, 1090
CLM >= 65 Math 1080 (or Math 4010 if your major requires this)
CLM >= 80 Math 1060 or 1100
90 <= CLM <= 120 Math 1210, 1310

A score report print-out will be available immediately after taking the test. At the end of the test, you will get a copy of your test results.

The Accuplacer brand Math Placement test is used by the University of Utah to identify the proper level of Math class for which a student should register. It also allows the professors to have a clear record of student achievement in mathematics, before entering a mathematics class at the university.

On the main campus, you would take what you are placed into, according to the Accuplacer test. However, at the UAC, you will automatically be placed into Math 1050, even if your score below that threshold.

Candidates must wait one complete week before retaking the Math Placement test. Contact Mr. Luc if you’d like to retake the test to gain a higher score.

Generally, No. The Accuplacer exam is a requirement for all students. However, there are certain exceptions which are outlined below.

Those who do not take the exam will NOT be able to register for a mathematics course in the following semester. This is the policy at UAC.

There are a few cases where students do not need to take Accuplacer:

  • ACT Math score of 23 or SAT Math score of 540, you place into Math 1050 (College Algebra) without need of Accuplacer.
  • If you have either ACT Math of 28 or SAT Math score of 630, you place into Math 1210 (Calculus) without need of Accuplacer.

If you believe that you place out of a mathematics class completely, then obviously you do not have to take the exam. Students who place out of any math class have one of the following:

  • AP Calculus AB score of 3 or higher
  • AP Calculus BC score of 3 or higher

*It is your responsibility to take the math accuplacer exam. If you miss this, you cannot register your math class for following semester.