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In the field of Psychology, we seek to understand human thought and behavior, addressing questions with relevance to virtually every aspect of modern life. Psychology research identifies the links between the mind, the body and the social world, and is behind the design of everything from smartphones and children’s toys to online networks and public health ads. Psychology also includes the more well-known domain of counseling, which helps individuals lead happier and healthier lives.

The Department of Psychology offers both a major and minor in psychology, as well as an exceptional certificate in the field of Human Factors.

Our Bachelor’s Program includes coursework in the areas of clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, social and personality psychology, health psychology, and more.  As a hub science, psychology is uniquely positioned to provide a strong platform from which students can launch successful careers into nearly any field or industry.

Students in our program have an incredible number of opportunities to get involved and develop marketable skill sets while studying the science of psychology.  Many of our students work as research assistants in established laboratories, or under the direction of a faculty mentor while pursuing their own research project.  Our department also encourages students to gain real-world experiences while still earning academic credit through internships.

Our program also provides excellent preparation for advanced degrees in psychology or related fields such as school counseling or social work, and many students go on to graduate work in Medicine, Law, Public Policy, or Business.

The Student Experience

There are multiple ways to design your major to your interests in the psychology program. Students are encouraged to participate in experiential learning through independent and/or faculty-mentored projects as an undergrad. Options include research, internships, peer advising, or teaching assisting. Options for student organizations, which allow networking, leadership, and volunteer experience, are the Psychology Clubs and/or Psi Chi, the international psychology honor society in Salt Lake City, and etc.

Career Opportunities

Psychology graduates with a bachelors degree will enter into fields of education or human services, such as case managers, psychiatric technicians, coordinators, or teaching. However, there are additional pathways to careers in psychology such as human resources, industrial psychology, governmental careers, or management. Students who continue their education at the graduate level can become certified psychologists, counselors, therapists, and advisors, providing direct care.




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