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What is the difference between a B.A. and a B.S. degree?

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) demonstrates proficiency in math and requires two Quantitative Intensive (QI) courses. A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) demonstrates proficiency in a second language and requires fourth semester proficiency in a second language. Some majors allow you to choose to do either a B.A. or a B.S., while others do not offer you a choice.

U Asia Campus Academic Policy

What is the maximum number of credits I can take in the University of Utah Asia Campus?

UAC students are not eligible to enroll in courses at the UAC after they’ve completed 90 UAC credits.

72 credit hold: Students with 72 or more earned credits will receive a hold on their record, blocking them from registering for UAC courses. Complete a UAC to SLC Campus Transition form or the 90-credit petition form to remove the hold. Please email UAC International Programs Coordinator at anna.yacovone@utah.edu for questions.

UAC students can return to UAC once they have spent at least two full-time semesters with at least 24 credits in Salt Lake City.

Class Registration

What is the Wait list policy?

Some classes sometimes fill quickly, so students are encouraged to plan ahead and enroll on your assigned Registration Date to help ensure timely graduation.

If a class is full when a student registers, wait listing allows a student to add their name to an electronic wait list and potentially be added to the class if space opens up, and they meet all the requirements. Wait listing is not a guarantee to enrollment into a class.

Wait listing is only available to classes that the department sees as benefiting from a wait list.

Once a student wait lists into a class, it is up to them to monitor whether they are added to the class or not. If a student is added and decides they no longer want the class, they are responsible for dropping the class prior to the last day to drop deadline. It is recommended that the student drop themselves from any classes they are wait listed in once they have set their final schedule.

Incheon Global Campus (IGC) Cross Registration

Are there any requirements to sign up for the IGC Cross Registration program?

UAC students can sign up for a cross-registration program with SUNY Korea, Ghent and GMU in every Spring and Fall semesters.

  • Students need minimum CUM GPA of 3.0 or higher and complete Freshman Mandatory Advising
  • Register minimum of 12 credits at the UAC


When is my tuition due?

In general, tuition is due on one week from last day of drop/add date. Please read Academic Calendar here.


When should I apply for my graduation?

All undergraduate students must apply in advance for graduation to receive a degree from the University of Utah.

Click here for details.

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