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New Student Orientation Registration

As a newly admitted student, you will be required to attend New Student Orientation (NSO) before you can register for classes.

Date: February 12-15

At NSO, you will:

  • Discover student involvement opportunities
  • Get your UCard (Student ID)
  • Learn more about academic programs and campus resources
  • Understand what it means to be a part of our commUnity
  • Meet with a faculty member from your academic program
  • Receive important materials and information to be a successful student
  • Have fun and make friends!

*Note: International Students must also attend the International Student Orientation

New Student Orientation Schedule

New Student Orientation is mandatory for all first-time students Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Parents and supporters are welcome to join the New Student Orientation program for the Parent Session and Welcome Reception on February 12-15

Keep in Mind:

  • The cost for First Year NSO is $60 per student. This will be added to your student tuition bill.
  • Any necessary accessibility accommodations can be requested within the NSO registration form.
  • First-semester students will also be enrolled in Virtual Orientation. Students will need to complete the Virtual Orientation quiz by the semester deadline in order to register for courses for the following semester.


  • 1:30pm - Registration at Utah 1st Floor Lobby
    2:00pm - Welcome Address at IGC Auditorium

    2:30pm - Parent Orientation at U107 (Parents Only)

    2:30pm - Orientation Small Group at Utah Building
    4:30pm - Photo Zones at Utah Building
    5:00pm - Orientation Reception at MCB Cafeteria

  • 8:00am - Registration and Profile Photos at Utah 1st Floor Lobby
    9:00am - Orientation Small Group at Utah Building
    10:30am - Campus Tour at IGC Campus
    11:30am - Class Photo at Block U
    12:00pm - Lunch at Utah Building
    1:00pm - Student Affairs, Campus Safety at IGC Small Theater
    3:00pm - Student Life Presentation at Utah Classrooms
    4:00pm - Orientation Large Group at Utah Building
    5:00pm - Major Dinners at Utah Classrooms

  • 9:00am - Registration at Utah 1st Floor Lobby
    9:30am - OL Small Group at Utah Classrooms
    10:00am - Placement Test A at Computer Lab
    11:00am - OL Small Group A at Utah Classrooms
    12:00pm - Faculty Lunch at Utah Building
    1:00pm - Academic Orientation A at Computer Lab
    3:00pm - Break
    3:30pm - Library Tour A at IGC Library
    4:30pm - Alcohol Awareness A at U104
    5:30pm - The First Six Weeks at IGC Small Theater
    6:00pm - Dinner (To go)

  • 8:00am - Course Registration (Online)

    12:00pm - Welcome Back Bash at Utah Courtyard

    3:00pm - Service Project (TBD)

Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Seohui Lee (Senior Orientation Leader, Secretary), Rhea Dayal (Senior Orientation Leader, Program Chair), Baehyun Kang,  DéyJah Burrows, Joseph Su, Jun Seo Park, Minkyung Shin, Selina Lee, Sieun Shin, Yun Yeon Choi

Class Registration

Registration for classes will be Thursday, February 15. Students will learn how to register for classes during orientation, then register on their own on Thursday.

Testing: Students are required to take placement tests before registering for classes. Visit the Academic Advising Center for more information.

Parent Orientation Schedule

Parents play an essential role in the success of our students. For this reason, parents and supporters are invited to be active participants prior to the Orientation program on Monday, February 12.

Monday, February 12

  • 2:00pm to 2:30pm - Welcome Address | IGC Auditorium
  • 2:30pm to 4:30pm - Parent Orientation | U107
  • 5:00 pm - Orientation Reception | MCB Cafeteria