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Tuition Information

Students are responsible for payment of their charges for tuition and fees. This responsibility includes reviewing your student account on Campus Information Services (CIS) and making sure that payments are made by the due dates.

According to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), the University cannot share the tuition information with families without the student’s consent. Students shall ensure that parents and others who make payments on their behalf are able to access the student account. For important deadlines, including the tuition due date, please see Asia Campus Academic Calendar.

Amount Due

All payments must be made in US currency. The amount due includes all charges on your student account on Campus Information Services (CIS) is finalized one day after the Last day to add, drop, audit, and elect CR/NC. It means that the amount due is subject to change without a notice during the period from the first day of a semester to the Last day to add, drop, audit, and elect CR/NC.

Payment Due date and Period

The tuition due date is one week after the last add/drop date, and the payment period is for the next five business days of the week of the due date. E.g. For the Early Spring 2021 term, the due date is Friday, January 29, 2021 and the payment period is Monday, January 25, 2021 through Friday, January 29, 2021.

Payment Option

Please disregard all the payment options listed in CIS. We currently do not accept credit card payments. The only payment method we accept is bank wire transfer to a virtual tuition account which is individually assigned to each student. You will receive a virtual tuition account from the UAC Finance team(uacfinance@utah.edu).

Virtual Tuition Account
Students must pay tuition to the individual Hana Bank virtual account.
The virtual tuition account does not allow payment if the amount does not match the registered amount.
Please see your virtual tuition account number.
Account Number: 43090000xxxxxxs
Bank Account name: KIM, xxxx
Currency: US Dollar
Beneficiary Bank Name: Hana Bank
Bank Swift #: KOEXKRSE
Address: Hana Bank Songdo Financial Center Branch 23 Haedodi-ro 120 beon-gil Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea, ZIP:21985

Payment option only for international students _ Flywire

Please visit Flywire Page to process a wire-transfer via Flywire. Please click here to find how to use Flywire.

Late Payment and Non-Payment

Late Payment Fees apply to students who do not pay their fees by the payment due date. The Late Payment Fee is $100 per term minimum. Late fees are charged on all accounts not paid by the due date. If students fail to pay the tuition dues by the next two weeks after the due date, the classes will be deleted.

Deleted Class

Students who have classes deleted due to non-payment of tuition may not reinstate cancelled classes or use late add forms to add classes.

Tuition Refund

If your student account has a credit balance, and there is a payment into the University of Utah Asia Campus, please be aware that there is a waiting period before a refund will be released. Please note that it may not be refundable if you haven’t met its requirements, such as the withdrawal schedule and the nature of the charge. The UAC finance department will reach the students eligible to get a refund via uMail to ask their bank account information.

Tuition Receipt

The University of Utah Asia Campus shares your tuition payment history with the National Tax Service Korea(NTS) in relation to year-end tax settlement and other tax deduction only if you signed the consent for collecting personal information. For other purpose, please contact Saewon Um at Saewon.um@utah.edu to issue a tuition receipt.