University of Utah Asia Campus Student Council (UACSC)


The UACSC exists to serve as the official representative organization for students at the University of Utah Asia Campus in order to voice the needs and concerns of UAC students to administration, faculty and staff. The UACSC coordinates activities at the UAC to foster student involvement, leadership and cohesion.
The President and Vice President will select four additional positions:
· Chief of Staff
· Finance Director
· Events Director
· Public Relations Director

All positions will serve for one academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).
Major Representatives will represent the interests of their undergraduate major programs. A Major Representative will also be selected to represent the entire graduate student population.

UACSC Advisor: Douglas Lee,, 032-626-6014, U201


Student Council Elections will be held from May 15 – May 17, 2017

President and Vice President

1. What is your vision for UAC in the 2017-2018 academic year?
Our vision is to develop the UAC as one of the best universities at the IGC campus. In order to it, connecting the international students with the domestic students is one of the key factors, while making sure that no one is feeling left out. It is our job to unite the UAC students and organizations to function properly. The UAC can be a wonderful experience to learn about other cultures and make new friends. The Student Council should make everyone feel welcomed, no matter where they are from or what semester they are in.

2. What do you hope to accomplish as President and Vice President in the 2017-2018 academic year?
First of all, as a candidate of the President and Vice President at the UAC for 2017-2018 should be engaged for student interest. If we become the President and Vice President, we will use our tuition for the right resources. For example, raising semester club funds will allow clubs to be involved in many activities that they could not do before. Another example would be printing. One crucial problem that the students suffer from, is the fact that the printer sometimes breaks down often. By purchasing a new printer that does not require students to pay, it will make student’s lives better.

3. How will you represent the needs and wants of the UAC student body?
Since the UAC is a tight-knit community, the Student Council can reach out and should consider voices from everyone at the UAC and student body. We realize that it is impossible to fulfil every single wants and needs, but the Student Council will involve and cooperate with everyone in our community to elicit better results within the community. It is our belief that communication is the primary element between the students and student organizations and anyone should be able to reach us through kakao, email, or even in person. President candidate, Irene Lee, and Vice President candidate, Eric Kim will make that happen.

1. What is your vision for UAC in the 2017-2018 academic year?

In the next academic year, we hope UAC would improve as an embracing campus to all. First of all, we dream UAC to be a campus that realizes and reflects the opinions of students the most in order to help make a satisfying university life for them. We think that it is the university’s and the student council’s responsibility to compensate the decisions of students to enroll to this university. Therefore, we will strive to make our best efforts to deliver every student’s opinions about the university policies in any situation, which is the basic purpose of the existence of the student council.

Also, we envision the complete integration of international and non-international students. Although both international students and non-international students generally want integration, there are not enough opportunities to have regular conversations with each other. Creating those chances to have regular and casual conversations and exchange cultures, not only cultures of South Korea and the U.S., but other countries since most students of UAC have global experiences, would contribute to integration in UAC.

Last but not least, we should have more integration with the main campus. We feel like we are separated from them even though we are the same universities; thus, we should invite more faculties and students from the main campus to explain about their systems, requirements, graduate degree and further opportunities. Although many students and faculty members are now visiting UAC, they only meet the student leaders on campus, which inhibits communication between normal students. Therefore, most students have less understanding about the graduation requirements and systems. In order to make precise communication, we should make official sessions with the main campus faculty and students to explain the situations on the main campus. In this way, the main campus and UAC can make more collaborations.

2. What do you hope to accomplish as President and Vice President in the 2017-2018 academic year?
We will create more certifications and awards for the students to be motivated and participate more. As representatives of the majors are doing now, making more major-related activities and events would be helpful for students who are still worrying about their career. We will also create internship programs and activities, helping students to stay on the right track and encouraging upper grade students to give some advices and directions to other students by working as a group and adding up their ideas about some work fields related to their major.

One of the major-related activities could be making a seasonal Kakao Newspaper. Lead by the major department representatives, volunteering students from each major could participate in making the Kakao Newspaper and get certificates for making it. Plus, the Kakao Newspaper could fuel the students’ rights to know about the school’s hot issues. The Kakao Newspaper could be distributed through the official UAC Kakao ID and in several images like Facebook or other social media. It would be a medium of communication in an entertaining way. Also, it could be beneficial to the students who want to experience the journalism area and have a certificate related to it.

Furthermore, we will create opportunities for the students who want to meet with the students who graduated from UAC in order to communicate with the graduated students about their experiences in the main campus. The graduated students could tell UAC students what they should prepare for their future jobs, such as interviews or speeches. The meeting will not be official; there would be food and drinks in the student lounge to make the meeting casual and comfortable. Because many UAC students are concerned about employment opportunities and the main campus life, they will be motivated to come.

3. How will you represent the needs and wants of the UAC student body?
Representing starts from listening. We will hold biweekly surveys targeting students to hear their opinions and preferences about their school life. The survey will have several multiple choice questions and a comment section where students could freely write their opinions and complaints. Also, we will open the results transparently to show how other students feel like about the same questions. We will also place a suggestion box on the 2nd floor and make students to freely right about anything. We will adopt these electronic and physical ways to hear from students at the same time in order to represent their opinions to the school in most effective ways. Moreover, we will provide feedbacks to the opinions that we collect and explain the realistic possibilities and options we can create for them through the Kakao group chats as biweekly announcements. This will help communication between students and us and the students will better know what we are working for in detail.

Moreover, UAC is currently sending out announcements about course evaluation by email. Even though it is important to the faculty’s and students’ improvement, students are not that motivated to fill them out because they have to spend their own time. They often forget to do it or feel needless to do it. Therefore, we will encourage course evaluation by asking professors to include a course evaluation time during class to do it with students’ own smartphones. Also, in order to make students motivated to fill out thorough and honest responses, we will ask professors to give a small extra credit to those to complete course evaluation. In this way, we could reach a win-win situation which students can get extra credit and professors can receive responses to improve their classes and students’ satisfaction.

1. What is your vision for UAC in the 2017-2018 academic year?
First of all, we would like to make many students feel welcomed with the sense of belonging in UAC.
Although UAC is included in Incheon Global Campus, we have not felt the sense of unity so far along with other universities. Therefore, for the next year, we highly expect UAC to develop as a school with a strong community and harmony with other schools.
Furthermore, we would love to promote our school to people outside of IGC. We would like to make our campus more lively place with more people and programs.

2. What do you hope to accomplish as President and Vice President in the 2017-2018 academic year?

· Official educational space (room) for students in each major (to build sense of belonging)
· Making various programs for students in terms of their academics, better school life, and
· Making special programs within IGC for the sake of harmony and sociality. Ex) Making IGC United Sport Team which will compete with other schools will be aimed to strengthen IGC spirit.
· In order to achieve our sense of UAC community and belonging, we believe fostering the atmosphere in which everyone can easily stand up and raise his or her voice without restraints.
· Making Anonymous Student Voice Box (ASVB) – collecting students’ needs and concern anonymously through making physical box and publicly announcing the biggest concern every month.

3. How will you represent the needs and wants of the UAC student body?
At the beginning of this semester, there have been complaints about late inform of closing social work major. So from now on, when there is an important change in UAC or IGC, we will inform the students as early as possible to reduce students’ disappointment toward the school and to avoid any inconvenience.
Also, we are capable of good listening. We will listen to you closely and personally. We will act as a mediator to prioritize students’ major concerns and opinions and discuss them with UAC to bring out the best result for everyone. Since it is hard to satisfy all people, we believe communication with students is the key to success of making our school a better place.


2017-2017 UAC Student Council Election Rules
Constitution of the UACSC (PDF )

Students with concerns, questions or ideas should contact their Student Council Officers.