University of Utah Asia Campus Student Council (UACSC)


The UACSC exists to serve as the official representative organization for students at the University of Utah Asia Campus in order to voice the needs and concerns of UAC students to administration, faculty and staff. The UACSC coordinates activities at the UAC to foster student involvement, leadership and cohesion.
The President and Vice President will select four additional positions:
· Chief of Staff
· Finance Director
· Events Director
· Public Relations Director

All positions will serve for one academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).
Major Representatives will represent the interests of their undergraduate major programs. A Major Representative will also be selected to represent the entire graduate student population.

UACSC Advisor: Douglas Lee,, 032-626-6014, U201


Student Council Elections will be held from May 15 – May 17, 2017

The President, Vice President, and Major Representatives of the UACSC are elected in May and any UAC student with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 or above is eligible to run. The President and Vice President will run as a joint ticket and the Major Representatives will be selected from those who are either a Pre-Major or declared Major in their program.

Here are a short description for the following positions:

a. President
i. Shall be a full-time student.
ii. Shall chair the Council meetings.
iii. Shall prepare, in conjunction with the Vice President, the agenda for the Council meetings.
iv. Shall conduct all necessary communication on behalf of UACSC to necessary university administration, faculty, and staff.
v. Shall appoint individuals to accomplish their duties in appointed positions.
vi. Shall reserve the right to dismiss any council member when deemed appropriate in agreement with UACSC Advisor (see Article V).
vii. Shall submit an end of the year report at the completion of their term.

b. Vice President
i. Shall be a full-time student.
ii. Shall aid the President in fulfilling their duties.
iii. In the absence or inability of the President to perform their duties, shall assume the duties of the President.
iv. Shall bring the interests of the UAC registered student organizations to the attention of Student Council.
v. Shall chair committees or serve on committees as the President may direct.
vi. Shall carry out other duties as the Council or President may direct.
vii. Shall submit an end of the year report at the completion of their term

c. Major Representatives
i. Shall be a full-time student.
ii. Shall represent the interests of students in their respective major program
iii. Shall serve as an information resource to their major program of University, IGC, and UACSC programs and news.

If you are interested in running for the positions, please fill out the following documents and e-mail them to

Petition for President and Vice President

Petition for Major Representatives (Communication and Psychology)

2017-2017 UAC Student Council Election Rules


Constitution of the UACSC (PDF )

Students with concerns, questions or ideas should contact their Student Council Officers.