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The University of Utah Asia Campus is honored and excited to be one of the founding institutions of Incheon Global Campus. Students from around the world have convenient access to the University of Utah’s amazing faculty, staff, and academic culture at the Asia Campus.

All students at The University of Utah Asia Campus will receive a University of Utah degree, while being taught and mentored by qualified faculty appointed at the University of Utah in South Korea.

The undergraduate students will spend three years studying at the University of Utah Asia Campus in South Korea, and one year studying in the Salt Lake City campus in Utah. Graduate students will also spend one year at the Asia Campus and one year in the Salt Lake City campus to complete their degrees.

Message from the President

Welcome! The University of Utah is proud to be one of the founding members of the Incheon Global Campus. At both our main campus in Utah and our Asia campus, student success is our highest priority. We pair excellence in education with the support and resources our students need to pursue their passions, gain knowledge and engage in hands-on learning experiences. The University of Utah, established in 1850, is consistently ranked among the top universities in the United States and globally. Here our students have opportunities to collaborate with renowned faculty and researchers as they explore, create and innovate in their chosen fields. Since September 2014, our Asia campus has offered highly ranked undergraduate programs in communication, psychology, urban ecology, film & media arts, electrical & computer engineering, accounting, and information systems, and graduate programs in public health. Students will discover a welcoming environment as they join a strong campus community. During their time in Utah, they will find unparalleled beauty and a wide variety of experiences to explore both on campus and in the surrounding area. We are confident students at U Asia will be inspired, transformed, and well prepared for their chosen careers, with a foundation of learning that we hope will lead to a rewarding and meaningful life.

At the University of Utah we have a saying: Imagine. Then Do. It’s a place where we encourage students to think of possibilities and provide the tools necessary to turn thoughts and ambitions into reality.

The University of Utah Asia welcomes you.

Taylor Randall
University of Utah


Chief Administrative Officer

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The University of Utah Asia Campus is honored and excited to be one of the founding institutions of Incheon Global Campus.
We can’t wait to welcome you as a student.

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