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[Student Life] Band UGLY: 2024’s Incheon Music Ambassadors

Band UGLY (Utah Ghent Live Young) has been honored with the title of Incheon Music Ambassador for 2024. This collaborative band club, which brings together students from the University of Utah Asia Campus and Ghent University Global Campus, is proudly led by our own Kyungmin Rha.

During the inauguration ceremony on May 7, 2024, the ensemble was presented with the official letter of appointment by Incheon’s Mayor, Jeong-bok Yoo. In their new role, Band UGLY will enjoy the support of the Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture, which includes access to performance venues and sound equipment, along with performance fees for each appearance.

Embracing their role as this year’s Incheon Music Ambassadors, Band UGLY is set to enhance the cultural tapestry of Incheon, bringing their music to the heart of the community through busking at local libraries, museums, and key city events.