U Asia Campus


“My internship as a Data Visualization Developer at Raytheon was a pivotal experience, enhancing my technical skills and problem-solving abilities in computer engineering. This role prepared me for a future in software engineering and data visualization. As I consider my post-graduation plans, I am weighing the options of further education against jumping straight into the tech industry. The university has equipped me with a solid foundation for either path.

Growing up in South Korea, my curiosity about the world led me to connect with pen pals globally and to host international friends. These experiences have shaped my perspective and fueled my aspirations to make a significant impact on global communication and understanding. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a shift from my initial dream of becoming a pilot to pursuing computer engineering, a decision that aligned with the university’s launch of a new department.

The mentorship from professors and the collaboration with peers have been invaluable throughout my college journey. Engaging in extracurricular activities and networking events has not only enriched my university experience but also helped me build lasting relationships.

To my fellow graduates, I say: Embrace every opportunity with resilience and an open mind. View challenges as opportunities for growth, seek help when needed, and strive to maintain a balance between academic pursuits and personal well-being.

As we graduate, let us carry forward the lessons of resilience, community, and diverse perspectives. Let’s continue to learn, question, and connect as we embark on our individual journeys. Congratulations to us all!”


– Seoin Kim, Computer Engineering BS ’24