U Asia Campus

Former UN Ambassador Oh Joon Speaks on Global Citizenship at the U Asia Campus

On March 13, 2024, the University of Utah Asia Campus (CAO: Dr. Gregory Cash Hill) hosted an enlightening lecture by former UN Ambassador and current Chairman of Save the Children Korea, Oh Joon. The event focused on the critical themes of global citizenship, the importance of multiculturalism, and peaceful coexistence.


Drawing from his extensive experience, the Chairman provided valuable insights into global issues, emphasizing the vital role of understanding and respecting diverse cultures and perspectives for global citizens. The discussion also covered the importance of global citizenship education in fostering worldwide solidarity, the necessity of addressing environmental challenges, and the role of global citizens in maintaining peace and pushing for sustainable development.


This lecture was particularly impactful for University of Utah Asia Campus students, offering them a chance to expand their understanding of global dynamics and their potential roles in the international community.


First-year Information Systems major, Je-woong Hwang, shared his reflection, noting a powerful takeaway: “The most impactful statement for me was that ‘elections can either lead to the progress or regression of democracy.’ It made me realize the significant impact every vote has in shaping our democracy.”


Ambassador Oh highlighted the urgency of building global solidarity in today’s world, where nationalism and populism are rising, stressing, “In this globalized world, fraught with challenges, it is critically important for young people to adopt a global citizen mindset. What we need is a sense of solidarity, as if we’re all fellow earthlings facing a common threat.”