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Prof. Carina Pals

Dr. Pals' current interests are Speech understanding in challenging listening conditions, listening effort, hearing impairment, and listening effort in non-native listeners.

Area specialty: Auditory perception and cognition. I currently teach the following undergraduate courses: Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Sensation and Perception, Memory and Cognition in Everyday Life, Human Factors & Ergonomics, and a special topic on Language and Speech at the University of Utah Asia Campus.

Prof. Bo-Ram Kim

Dr. Kim recruits first-and second-year students every fall semester to learn a behavioral coding system of parent-child interactions. Students will learn to code parental sensitivity, intrusiveness, and delight during a 9-minute play interaction. One year (2 semester) minimum is required for training in this coding system.

Prof. Ha Na Yoo

Dr. You's research examines social development. Specifically, her research interests focus on two areas:

  1. Moral and social judgments & behavior
  2. Parent-child relationships, parent-child conflicts, parenting

Students who want to gain experience in social development research are welcome to join Prof. Yoo’s research section. Students will have experiences in all aspects of research, including assisting in research design, participating in data collection/preparation/coding, and learning about developmental research methods and social and moral development research.

Prof. Hannah Myung

Dr. Hannah Myung's primary interests include psychotherapy research, integration of spirituality and psychology, therapist effects, and clinical training.

Prof. Jae Won Oh

Dr. Oh’s current research interests are focused on the following areas:

  1. Conducting secondary research analysis by utilizing various global databases to investigate depression, cognitive decline, anxiety, and insomnia.
  2. Exploring digital therapeutics by investigating relevant digital phenotypes and implementing them for detecting and screening symptoms of depression, alcohol overuse, and sleep disorders.
  3. Conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses on the topics mentioned above.

Dr. Oh recruits students who wish to gain research experience, enabling them to conduct data analysis using various statistical packages (including SAS, R, SPSS, etc.), and work towards publishing research outcomes.




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