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Psychology Certificates

The Department of Psychology offers both a major and minor in psychology, as well as an exceptional certificate in the field of Human Factors.

Our Bachelor’s Program includes coursework in the areas of clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, social and personality psychology, health psychology, and more. As a hub science, psychology is uniquely positioned to provide a strong platform from which students can launch successful careers into nearly any field or industry.

Human Factors Certificate

The Human Factors Certificate is open to all majors and complements many programs such as Psychology, Engineering, Nursing, Business, and more.  The main purpose of the Human Factors field is to improve human interactions with software, equipment, and other individuals to enhance performance, increase safety, and improve user satisfaction.  This certificate easily fits into a Psychology major.

To earn the Human Factors Certificate, students must maintain a cumulative 2.8 GPA, complete required courses and one elective, do research with a faculty mentor, and write a 5-page APA style thesis paper based on their research.

Students interested in applying for the Human Factors certificate will need to complete both a fall and spring semester at the SLC campus. This can be in a Fall --> Spring sequence or a Spring --> Fall sequence. Any students interested in the Human Factors certificate should contact the Psychology Advisor Kate Keddington as soon as possible.

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Other Certificates & Academic Designation

The University of Utah provides a number of specialized certificates across a wide variety of disciplines. Earning one of these certificates may help to broaden your knowledge base, and hone a particular set of skills. Depending on your area of interest, these certificates are often a great compliment to a BA/BS in Psychology, and may help signal to employers your expertise in particular area of study. You may be required to stay longer than two semesters in SLC if you want to pursue any certificates that are not offered at the UAC.

For additional information on certificates offered by the University of Utah, please visit the Undergraduate Certificate Programs page.

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