U Asia Campus

Idil Ayral

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) | Urban Ecology
Location: U845


Dr. Idil Ayral joined the City and Metropolitan Planning Department in January 2023 as an Assistant Professor (Lecturer).

She received her BArch degree from the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University; followed by her MSc degree in the History of Architecture program. Her extensive research on the 19th century garden kiosks of Istanbul has been published as a book in 2020. She worked as an architect in several companies before starting her academic career. In 2012, she was appointed as a teaching assistant in the Department of Architecture of Fatih Sultan Mehmet University.

She completed her Ph.D. in 2018 at Pompeu Fabra University, Department of Humanities History Program with a major interest in contemporary urban history and transformation of public space in the city of Barcelona. Her Ph.D. thesis was awarded the Excellent Cum Laude honour. During her Ph.D. studies, she was a member of the research team INVBAC, ‘The City Invented: Memory, Visuality, and Cultural Transfer in Contemporary Barcelona’, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education. She was assigned as instructor for several workshops at private academies and institutions.

She worked as a visiting professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design of the University of Seoul between 2019-2022. In the UCID research lab, she worked on a research project on the future city, walkable people-oriented city, and post-pandemic urban space.

For several years, she was the Chairman of the International Exchange Committee of the Architectural Design Institute of Korea (ADIK) and assisted international architectural exhibitions. In addition, she collaborated with several architectural education entities as an advisor.

In 2022, she joined Mirae Environment Plan & Architects as the Team Manager of the Architectural Design Department and worked on green remodelling projects. She also contributed to the international architectural magazine C3 as a writer and copyeditor.

Learning several languages such as Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish, and Korean, and her long-term secondary career in music have played an important role in her life abroad and her adaptation to various cultures and societies.


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