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Marisa Hill

Course Instructor | Communication
Ext. 6224
Location: 768



UAC Courses: COMM 1020 – Public Speaking
Office Location: U727

Marisa Hill has been teaching communication for almost 20 years. She enjoys teaching about the thing we do more than anything else — communication. She teaches courses related to public communication, rhetorical analysis, persuasion in everyday life, and communication theories. Marisa has also taught at Boise State University, Texas A&M University and Idaho State University. She is a PhD Candidate from Texas A&M University. Her research interests range from the First Amendment Right of Petition (the “forgotten right") to social movement rhetoric to war rhetoric to public presentation in different cultures. In other words, studying communication in times of change and through various contexts. Marisa was recently awarded a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship to participate in a group project in Taiwan where she will study public speaking norms and pedagogy in different cultures (now projected for June 2021). In Idaho, she helped create a pilot public speaking training course in conjunction with Jim Poston for the initial Boise Refugee Speaker’s Bureau, through the Idaho Office of Refugees (2015). This volunteer course helped provide refugees specialized training to aid them as they engage in public dialogue and advocacy. She continues to work with refugee families and agencies. Although she still claims Texas as “home", and lived in Idaho for 15 years before coming to UAC, she is delighted to be living and teaching in Korea. Marisa enjoys spending time with her family; they love water sports, hiking, trying new restaurants, camping, and watching college sports. They have a goal to visit all of the National Parks. They look forward to doing all of those very same things, but in Korea!