U Asia Campus

Santosh Pathak

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) | Math
Ext. 6122
Location: 844


UAC Courses: MATH 1030 – Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning, MATH 1040 – Introduction to Probability and Statistics, MATH 1050 – College Algebra 
Email: s.pathak@utah.edu
Office Location: U844

Santosh Pathak is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Utah Asia Campus. Mr. Pathak Received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of New Mexico, USA in 2019. In addition, he also received his M.S in Mathematical Sciences from Florida International University, USA in 2014. During his graduate programs in the USA he actively involved in teaching various level of Mathematics courses such as Calculus series, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations etc. Before joining UAC, he was involved in teaching variety of math courses in his home country, Nepal.

Mr. Pathak’s primary research interest is Mathematical Analysis. He focused his Ph.D. dissertation in the analytical aspects of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. Besides his research in the field of theoretical mathematics, his involvement in teaching mathematics for more than a decade has been producing a keen interest in him of conducting research in the field of Mathematics Education. Specially, Mr. Pathak has been finding a significant interest in understanding the weaknesses, challenges, and the required improvements of the current mathematics teaching methodologies, existing mathematics textbooks and other mathematical activities in different levels in Nepal and bringing them into the lights which, he thinks, a responsibility of him of being a math teacher.