U Asia Campus

Paul Rose

Professor (Lecturer) Emeritus | Communication
Ext. 6215
Location: U730


Paul S. Rose began working for the Department of Communication in 1980 as technical staff. He first received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Brigham Young University in communication, specifically, in broadcasting. While transitioning to more administrative and teaching responsibilities, he received a Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree at the University of Utah. His master’s degree investigated the centripetal tendency of framed motion, which illustrates common traits people have anticipating direction of movement in media of motion. His Ph.D. degree examined the similarities between how people search the internet and how memories are retrieved, finding the processes strikingly similar.

Professor-Lecturer Rose teaches in areas of visual communication, video production, and statistics, among other courses. He has received teaching awards including the Daniels Fund Leadership in Ethics Education Award. As a director/associate chair, he was one of the initial professors at the University of Utah Asia Campus in 2014.

Beyond his academic endeavors, he has practiced in the TV/video industry, producing and supervising productions, and designing/implementing technical facilities such as video control rooms and studios and other technical instructional spaces. He has participated substantially in live sports productions including hockey, basketball, and two Olympic games, acting as a cameraperson and producer/director.