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Spring 2024 Major & Minor Day

The Spring 2024 Major & Minor Day took place on May 9, 2024 at U104. Peer advisors and Assistant Professors from the Psychology department manned the booth to engage with current and prospective students interested in pursuing psychology as a major, double-major, or minor. Students had the opportunity to participate in a quiz event and interact with the advisors and professors.

The quiz event consisted of basic psychology-related questions such as “Where is the frontal lobe?” or “What is the Big 5?” which can be answered with basic knowledge of psychology. Additionally, the most asked question during the Q&A session was “What do we learn in PSY 1010 (General Psychology)?” which illustrates their interest in taking the first step toward studying psychology. The PSY 1010 course is designed to help students understand how psychology is relevant to their lives. It provides an overview of the main areas of psychology including biology, cognition, development, emotion, health, social, and personality, and abnormal psychology.

With the fun quiz event and meaningful Q&A session for the students, this Major & Minor Day successfully addressed their curiosity and passion.

The information about studying Psychology as a major can be viewed here:

The information about studying Psychology as a minor can be viewed here: