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Fall 2024 Courses Info Session

The Psychology Info Session for the Fall 2024 semester was held from 12:00 to 12:50 PM on April 30, 2024, at U108. The info session had a welcoming atmosphere, with students enjoying their lunch while listening to the session and professors happily describing their courses for the upcoming semester. Core courses such as PSY 1010 (General Psychology), PSY 2010 (Psychology as a Science and Profession), PSY 3000 (Statistical Methods in Psychology), and PSY 3010 (Research Methods in Psychology) were covered, along with courses related to different fields of psychology including developmental, clinical, and cognitive psychology.

Moreover, PSY 3960 (Special Topics in Psychology), PSY 4800 (Research Experiences in Psychology), and PSY 4890 (CSBS Internships) were introduced for those interested in specific psychology topics or undergraduate research opportunities. At UAC Psychology, various PSY 3960 courses and PSY 4800 courses will be offered in the Fall 2024 semester. Prospective students were encouraged to reach out to the faculty members in charge of each course as soon as possible to express their interest.

The class schedule for Fall 2024 can be viewed here: