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2024 Spring PSY Salt Lake City (SLC) Advisor Info Sessions

The series of PSY SLC Advisor Info Sessions was held from May 7, 2024 to May 9, 2024 by Kate Barron. She is one of the PSY advisors from SLC, who advises students transitioning from UAC to SLC. During this visit, she conducted four info sessions: “Psychology at your SLC,” “Behavioral Science Minors & Certificates,” “Psychology Undergraduate Research – How to Apply, Conferences & Awards,” and “Applying to Psychology Graduate School in the United States.” Any students interested in expanding psychology studies at SLC and preparing for the future as psychologists were invited  to participate and ask questions, even if they were not transitioning yet.

Students showed interest in psychology courses in SLC, minor and certificate programs relevant to the field of psychology, participating in a research lab, and preparing for graduate school. Various minor and certificate programs were recommended for different interests among students, including minors in Family & Consumer Studies and Criminology, and certificates in Human Factors and Infant & Early Childhood Mental Healthcare. Additionally, the website of undergraduate research was introduced to students interested in research positions. Kate shared exciting news about projects she has been currently working on, which are publishing a handbook and launching a virtual orientation for students at UAC to learn more about psychology at SLC.

Furthermore, students had the opportunity to book individual in-person appointments with Kate during her visit. Although it lasted just one week, the collaborations between her and the UAC psychology department (Assistant Professors, Academic Advisor, Peer advisors, and students) strengthened the connection between psychology at UAC and SLC.

The information about minor and certificate programs at SLC can be viewed here:

The information about undergraduate research at SLC can be viewed here:

Do you want to make a 1:1 appointment with Kate? Visit: