U Asia Campus


The University of Utah Asia Campus announced on the 1st that it signed a business agreement with SAMG Entertainment at Songdo Global Campus in Incheon on the 31st of last month.

Ten officials participated in the signing ceremony, including Gregory Hill, the CAO of the University of Utah Asia Campus, Terence Turner, the Assistant Dean of Students, and Ho-Ki Min, the head of the SAMG Entertainment education business team.

SAMG Entertainment (formerly Samji Animation) is a 3D-based media platform company that has secured 40 million subscribers by operating 43 YouTube channels, including the “Mini Commando” series, “Catch! Tiniping” and “Super Dino.”

Through this business agreement, the two organizations decided to provide internships and volunteer programs and carry out projects in related fields such as animation, media, and global business together.

“I’m happy to form a partnership with SAMG Entertainment,” said John Woo, the Assistant Director of Career & Internship Development at The University of Utah Asia Campus. “We expect the two organizations to jointly carry out various project activities in the media sector”, he said. Ho-Ki Min, the head of SAMG Entertainment’s education business team, said, “This business agreement with UAC is meaningful to provide opportunities for an internship at Emotioncastle, a subsidiary of SAMG.” “We hope that students will be able to gain various experiences in the global content field,” he said.