U Asia Campus


written by June-Young Lee, Senior PR Specialist


On the 10th, The University of Utah Asia Campus announced that Jinyoung Choi, the CEO of the Korea Herald, visited the campus. Ten people from both organizations, including Gregory Cash Hill, CAO of the University of Utah Asia Campus, and Jinyoung Choi, CEO of the Korea Herald, attended the event organized by the UAC Career & Internship Development Center. The University of Utah and the Korea Herald have decided to exchange human resources by providing students with internship opportunities. Jinyoung Choi, CEO of the Korea Herald, said, “I was surprised to see the results of students at UAC,” adding, “I am confident that students with great capabilities will grow into talented people who promote Korea wherever they go in the world.” Gregory Hill, CAO of the UAC, said, “We hope that through cooperation with the Korea Herald, our students will be interested in the media field and gain a lot of experience.” On this day, with the internship showcase, the UAC students had time to present the videos they produced through the Korea Herald’s ASIA 101 channel.