U Asia Campus

Korea JoongAng Daily Journalism Internship Certificate Ceremony

A special event was held to present articles covered and written by students at Utah Asia Campus.

The University of Utah Asia Campus Career Internship & Development Center held an event for students to present and share newspaper articles and videos students produced through the Korea JoongAng Daily Internship.

The 14 students were divided into four groups of three or four to cover their respective projects.

​They announced their coverage on various topics such as the Daejeon Science Festival, the opening of Gwanghwamun square, the reality of people with disability, and AI K-pop idols.

Through the Korea Joongang Daily Internship, students experienced the environment of the English media and the way reporters cover it.

“I believe it was a good opportunity for students to understand and learn the media reporting know-how and production process through this internship,” said John Woo, the Assistant Director of CIDC, who organized the event.



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