U Asia Campus


On June 2, 2023, the University of Utah held its 3rd annual Korean Street Food event. The event was held between 12:00 – 2:00 P.M., allowing students to relax during their final weeks of the semester. The event was co-hosted by the International Student Diplomats (ISD) and University Programming Council (UPC) programs, collaborating with Student Council (STUCO) to deliver delicious food and snacks to over 170 students and faculty combined.

The event ensured a unique and fun experience for students, allowing students to eat different Korean cuisines. These cuisines included tteokbokki, hotteok, sundae (blood sausage), kimbap, and much more. These foods allowed international students to try new foods and experience Korean culture and allowed domestic students to enjoy a taste of their home.

When asked, Anna Yacovone, the international programs coordinator, stated that “the purpose of the event is one, to celebrate the end of the semester, and second, to help share and embrace Korean culture for our UAC students, especially our international students and our students that are from the main campus that are here for the summer.”

The Korean Street Food event was ultimately a thriving success, having various students come together to eat outside.

Tyson Nunies, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering, states, “The atmosphere was great, and the food was good. It was enjoyable to hang out with and eat with friends. The best part was the hotteok and sotteok.”

The event would not have happened without the dedication of the students of the University of Utah Asia Campus.

“I want to thank the students that helped put it on, so for the international student diplomats, they were here at 9am putting up the tables, the tents, helping organize the food, and the same for UPC, so their students also came and helped pitched in. This is another beautiful event where you see students in the trenches’ teamwork capacity. It’s just it’s so beautiful to watch everyone work in unison, work together, help each other, and then serve other students. I like that,” Anna Yacovone says.