U Asia Campus


On May 22, 2023, the Incheon Global Campus (IGC) hosted the 2023 IGC Research Showcase, an event where different universities across the IGC campus came together to show various research projects by students and faculty. The 2023 IGC Research Showcase featured multiple winners throughout the categories of “Outstanding Presentation of a Creative Project,” and “Outstanding Presentation of Research Project in Poster Form.” For the “Outstanding Presentation of a Creative Project” category, the University of Utah Asia Campus conquered, having Rhea Dayal and Lauren Butler take first place.

Meanwhile, for the “Outstanding Presentation of Research Project in Poster Form” category, SUNY Korea students Sooho Lee, Sambridha Bhattarai, and Artham Bordoloi, advised by Professor Cornelius Bradter were awarded first place in their “WildEye: Expeditionary Hexapod” research.

Lauren Butler won with her short film, “Black Panther, Yellow Tiger,” a short film that discusses the intersections of communities hoping to open discourse that provides understanding and community for marginalized groups. Butler is grateful for the experience she had with this project, thanking everyone who supported her. “Thank you to the UROG committee for supporting my project and seeing potential in me and my work. Thank you to my advisor Dustin Schwindt for encouraging me when it felt like this project wouldn’t get done. Thank you to my team for committing to this project. And thank you to my cast, India, Jayhyun, Kyurin, Valeria, Heeji, Professor Park, and Jan Lee. Without you guys, there would be no film,” Butler states.

With the help of its Undergraduate Research Opportunity Grant (UROG) initiative, the University of Utah Asia Campus significantly contributed to the 2023 IGC Research Showcase. The U of Utah Asia Campus had 21 undergraduate posters, 13 undergraduate demos/displays, 4 graduate student posters, and 1 graduate demonstration. The faculty of the U of Utah Asia Campus also presented 3 paper presentations, 1 lightning round presentation, and 6 research posters.

“The 2023 IGC Research Showcase, held on May 22, was a successful event that brought together faculty, researchers, and students from the various IGC universities to share their latest research findings and projects. The event featured a variety of presentations, including paper presentations by faculty and researchers and poster presentations by faculty and students. In addition to the presentations, there were also demonstrations and displays showing creative projects,” states Dr. Francis Schortgen, the Associate Dean of Faculty. “Overall, UAC’s contribution to the Research Showcase was impressive, highlighting the university’s commitment to promoting undergraduate research and the value of providing students with opportunities to engage in research activities, gain hands-on research experience, and showcase their findings to a wider audience,” Dr. Francis Schortgen adds.