U Asia Campus


The University of Utah Asia Campus held an Activity & Club Fair event to introduce on-campus activities and clubs from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Despite the fact that it was lunchtime, more than 250 students participated in the event and showed great interest in on-campus activities. Students were able to get information about various on-campus activities from more than 20 booths set up at the event. Students who participated in events at the booths also received various gifts such as sweets and goods.

The Admissions Office at the University of Utah Asia Campus is responsible for counseling new students and holding information sessions. The UAC Student Ambassadors, who are part of the Admissions Office, introduced the activities of the Admissions Office to the current students. The Student Ambassadors conducted a survey on life at the University of Utah Asia Campus to receive feedback from students to create the school environment they want. Students who completed the Admissions Office survey also received a USB, an essential item for school life, as a gift.

The PR & Marketing Team at the University of Utah Asia Campus is responsible for documenting and promoting the school’s activities through writing, photography, and video. The PR & Marketing Team’s booth hosted a following event where students could follow UAC’s social media channels and receive school merchandise such as stickers, key rings, and badges for spinning the roulette wheel.

CIDC at the University of Utah Asia Campus provides students with career-related information and various internship opportunities.  At the CIDC booth, they promoted their upcoming Meet the Alumni series, an event that will take place this week. They also promoted the recently launched CIDC Instagram account to encourage more students to learn more about the organization.

English Lab at the University of Utah Asia Campus is a program that practices free-talking in English, Spanish, and Korean. Through English Lab, students can learn languages naturally and make foreign friends. At this booth, English Language Lab tutors promoted the activities of English Language Lab to current students and informed them about how to apply.

The Utah Devils is the only baseball club at the University of Utah Asia Campus. The Utah Devils are divided into a player team and a front team. The player team holds weekly training sessions and games. The front team takes photos and videos of the players’ training and organizes various events and promotional activities on SNS. At this booth, members of the Utah Devils recruited new members and gave away sweets through a raffle.

Ii Ko Haze

Ii Ko Hae Je is a unique club at the University of Utah Asia Campus. The club is a group of K-POP fans who share K-POP idol songs and music videos, visit idol birthday/debut cafes, and take part in idol activities such as challenge shoots. As a special club, the booth was filled with idol merchandise and attracted the attention of many students. Activities were held at the booth to introduce students to what the club is all about.

Osiris Rhodes, an Undeclared student, said, “It was good, I walked around, and it was fun. I wish we were outside and not indoors, though.” Angel Decker, a Film media arts major, said, “Fun! It was awesome, and I got to learn about a lot of clubs. I am planning on joining the analog film club.”