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The University of Utah has offered Honors programs for more than fifty years, and we are excited to offer the program at the University of Utah Asia Campus!

Honors College is a home for intellectually curious, socially responsible students interested in the breadth and depth of study available through our liberal arts and sciences education. Honors offers a unique curriculum and community, giving students various opportunities to think critically, build transferable skills, and develop strong problem-solving resources for any career or academic field.

Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Honors College: Rooted in an interdisciplinary approach to the Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences, and Mathematics, an Honors education aims to contribute to the development of the individual rather than the focus of a specific profession. At the Honors College, we believe that venturing out of your comfort zone is crucial to that individual development. If you are accepted, you’ll take courses in which you encounter complex readings and ideas, and maybe a history role-playing game, that requires you to read, think and write in new ways. Your Honors courses will span the Liberal Arts and Sciences, and you will be invited to participate in a diverse range of Praxis Labs addressing current social issues. You’ll be part of a vibrant community that will support you as you work toward completing your Honors degree. Expect stretches of confusion between moments of clarity, knowing that the intellectual struggle from perplexity to understanding can foster some of the deepest learning.

For more information about the Honors College, please visit the website or contact Aaron Reynolds (a.reynolds@honors.utah.edu), Assistant Dean of Honors College.


Why Honors?

While you are at the University,

  • Learning communities and honors-specific housing to connect with similarly motivated peers
  • Curriculum emphasizing interdisciplinarity, the capacity to engage across differences, and whole-person education
  • Complete an independent scholarly and creative project in your discipline (Honors thesis/capstone)
  • Opportunities for unique courses, programs, and scholarships

After you graduate,

  • Grad school/professional school preparation and advantages
    • 78% of grad-school bound respondents report getting into their first-choice grad program (Honors Young Alumni Survey)
    • Honors degree recipients 33% more likely to be admitted to medical school on their first application round (UAIR report)
  • Unique skill development for the workforce (capacity for independent handling of a complex long-term project)
    • 73% of workforce-bound graduates employed full-time within 3 months of graduating (Honors Young Alumni Survey)
    • 83% of those who went into the workforce report working in their chosen/desired field (Honors Young Alumni Survey)
    • Higher placement rates for Honors graduates (Career Services First Destination Survey)


How to Apply:

Students who are admitted to the University of Utah Asia Campus and demonstrate strong academic backgrounds will be invited to apply for the Honors College.


U Asia Campus Honors Application

Honors Application

First Name
Last Name
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Honors Essay

The University of Utah Honors College is distinguished by its interactive classes, one-on-one attention from exceptional faculty, interdisciplinary learning opportunities, and opportunities to do a research or creative capstone in your major. Our community celebrates excellence and encourages students to put their talents to work on behalf of the collective good. Honors students pursue the honors degree, the University’s highest undergraduate degree, which includes honors coursework and a thesis in the major.

Please respond to one of the following prompts (500 words or less):

  1. Intellectual Tradition courses in the Honors College help prepare students to make informed decisions about complex, interdisciplinary problems. Each course asks big or universal questions that transcend historical bounds. You are tasked with creating a new Intellectual Traditions course. Please name your course and describe the topics and questions it would cover.
  2. The Honors Thesis is an undergraduate research project completed under the supervision of a professor in your major. Describe your motivation for conducting research and writing a thesis within your academic discipline.
  3. Please tell the admissions committee a little about yourself. Some ideas to consider include: your academic interests, your personal background, long-term goals, extracurricular activities that have been impactful, or why you are especially interested in joining the Honors College.

*Please review the Honors College website to get more information about Intellectual Traditions courses and the Honors Thesis before responding to the prompts.


I certify that I have read the instructions and that my application is complete.