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Photography and Videography Request Form

Kindly be advised that while we strive to accommodate all requests, it may not always be feasible to execute them. Submitting your request form in advance will enhance the likelihood of fulfillment, as we require time to arrange service providers. It's important to note that our student service providers have class schedules and limited working hours.

We will make every effort to respond promptly to your request. However, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience, allowing at least 2 working days for us to respond.

All visual collaterals for the U Asia Campus are stored here: photos and videos.

Photography and Videography Request


Will Lunch or Dinner provided to the service provider?
Service Level
If you choose the professional photographer or videographer, payment will be incurred. A quotation will be provided once the form is submitted. The approximate cost for one photography session is around 1 million KRW, and for videography, it's around 3 million KRW.


For any events that people attend, we require consent from individuals participating in the event to take photos and videos. Please include this consent in your registration form or obtain signatures on-site upon arrival. For larger events, we strongly recommend incorporating this into your registration process. In special cases where obtaining individual signatures is not feasible due to the event hosting more than 100 people, please ensure that announcements are made during the event and signage is displayed. You can borrow signage from the Marcomm Center. Find the consent forms to download and detailed guidelines in the provided link above.
Do you consent to allowing the Marketing and Communications Center at U Asia Campus to utilize the completed media for their marketing purposes? This includes but is not limited to photographs, videos, or any other media content produced during the event or session. Your consent allows the Center to use these materials for promotional activities such as advertising, social media posts, brochures, and website content. By agreeing, you acknowledge that your likeness or participation may be featured in promotional materials associated with U Asia Campus.