U Asia Campus

SPRING 2024 – Student Research Update

One of our UAC undergraduate Psychology Juniors is working on a very exciting Human Factors research project. Her research is looking into how users’ trust in ChatGPT predicts their successful use as a tool for improving their non-native English writing. This research holds immense relevance for the UAC student population, where the majority of students are non-native English speakers. The findings have the potential to inform us, and similar educational institutions, of ways to improve students’ awareness of the abilities and limitations of ChatGPT. Thus, fostering greater awareness among students regarding the ethical and effective utilization of ChatGPT as a supportive tool for language improvement.

One particularly exciting bit of news is this: our junior researcher has submitted her project proposal to the Journal of Second Language Writing and despite the journal’s rigorous acceptance standards, with an acceptance-rate of less than 10%, her abstract has been accepted for consideration. Currently, the team is diligently analyzing the data and preparing the manuscript for submission. We extend our heartfelt wishes for success as we eagerly await the outcome of the review process. Should the final article be accepted for publication, we will be sure to share this milestone achievement with our university community. Stay tuned for updates on this research endeavor!