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U Asia Campus COVID-19

The University of Utah Asia Campus follows the recommendation and guidelines of the Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency and the Ministry of Education to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our campus community.  

In order to keep our campus community safe, we ask you to do the following: 

  • Wear a mask when you are in the campus facility. 
  • Get vaccinated. 
  • If you feel sick, do not come to campus. Get tested for COVID and rest at home until you feel better.  

If you tested positive for COVID, please do the following: 

  • Quarantine for 7 days.
  • Contact your faculty to make arrangements for your coursework.  
  • Complete and Submit UAC COVID Form.

Students Residing in IGC Housing 

 Students who test positive for COVID are not allowed to quarantine and self-medicate in the IGC housing.  

  • Students who have a residence in Korea – Please return home and return to campus after quarantine for 7 days. 
  • Students who do not have a residence in Korea – Please look for off-campus housing and return to campus after quarantine for 7 days. 

International Students with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) Coverage

If you tested positive for COVID, you could request reimbursement for your quarantine stay.  


Here’s a summary of what would be needed for claim purposes:  



Participants must complete a claim form and provide the following documentation:  

  • Proof of Quarantine requirement: 
  1. If required by treating physician/medical authority, a letter must be from the treating physician. 
  2. If required by government officials or authorities, a letter must come from the governmental official or authority. 

IMPORTANT: Printing information from a website will not suffice. Paperwork must be issued by the government or treating physician (depending on the country’s protocol).  

  • Proof of positive test. 
  • Proof of negative test or date of recovery paperwork, showing you can travel again. 
  • Receipts for any eligible expense. 
  • Proof of non-refundable expenses. 

 To submit your claim or to request further information, please contact 


It is the student’s responsibility to prepare all required documents and claim for reimbursement. The University will not reimburse or provide meal support for off-campus quarantine.