U Asia Campus


The University of Utah Asia Campus (CAO: Gregory Cash Hill) announced that it held the Social Impact Challenge, a webpage design contest for the nonprofit organization. The University of Utah David Eccles School of Business hosted the competition at the Songdo Global Campus in Incheon on the 21st, with Adobe as the official sponsor. It was designed to foster students’ critical thinking skills and improve their marketing communication skills through webpage creation.

About 40 students, divided into 15 teams, used Adobe programs to create a website for WHOlives, a nonprofit organization that supports water-scarce countries, for a week from the 13th of this month. A panel of 10 experts, including Prof. Byoung-gyu Gong of the Department of Information Systems and Prof. Sejin Kim of the Department of Communication, divided the judging into three categories: UX design and storytelling, marketing skills, and presentation.

After two hours of presentations, students Ga Eun Choi, Ahyeon Kim, and Yujeong Kim won the competition, and scholarships were awarded to the first, second, and third-place teams. “Since everyone is presenting on the same topic, I think the biggest challenge was how to get big differences in our team from others,” said Ga Eun Choi, a student majoring in Information Systems. “Since the project was not meant to introduce the campaign itself but to promote it, we had to find additional information and come up with ideas in a short amount of time,” said Yujeong Kim, a student majoring in Accounting. “The preparation period was short, and I worked hard, but I never imagined I would win first place, but I was so surprised as soon as the team name was called that I couldn’t speak. I’m so happy that we won a huge award that we didn’t expect,” said Ahyeon Kim, a student majoring in Communication.

“We are pleased to bring the same competition to the Asia Campus as the Salt Lake City Campus. Students will gain a better understanding of Adobe programs and be able to use their skills in the workplace as they prepare for future employment,” said John Woo, Associate Director of the Career & Internship Development Center at the University of Utah Asia Campus, who organized the event.