U Asia Campus


On the 24th, the University of Utah (President Taylor Randall) had signed an MOU with Korea Health Industry Development Institue to strengthen cooperation in the medical device industry.

The signing ceremony was attended by key internal and external guests, including Cha Sun-do, head of the agency, Mitzi Montoya, Provost of the University of Utah, and Dr. Gregory Cash Hill, CAO of the The University of Utah Asia Campus. The agreement, which was signed as part of the technology commercialization support project for innovative medical device companies, expands the scope of cooperation to the entire medical device industry.

Under the agreement, the two organizations pledged to strengthen mutual cooperation on the entire medical device industry by supporting the start-up and growth of Korean medical device companies, providing infrastructure support and consulting such as facilities, equipment, and space for conducting medical device research projects, facilitating the entry of R&D products into the global market, and securing human resource exchanges and business opportunities between the two organizations.

“I believe that proactive international cooperation is essential to promote Korean medical device innovations,” said Sun-do Cha. “This MOU will expand cooperation between the two organizations, including personnel exchanges, technology, and infrastructure sharing, utilizing each other’s expertise, and serve as a springboard for securing the national competitiveness of the Korean medical device industry.”

“As a research institution with an optimal environment and network for medical device company growth and global expansion, the University of Utah is conducting various collaborations with medical device companies in the United States, including product development technology and know-how transfer,” said President Dr. Taylor Randall.