U Asia Campus


written by June-Young Lee, Senior PR Specialist

The University of Utah Asia Campus successfully hosted the Big Red, a yearly event where students relax and have fun! The event was held outside the university building on a nice, sunny Friday afternoon on the 19th of May.

When asked about the purpose of Big Red, the Assistant Dean of Students, Dr. Terrence Turner, stated, “It is an event that is designed to allow people to unwind. With a block party, it’s not too much structure, and I just want people to be able to enjoy themselves, meet new people, enjoy different cuisines, both American and Korean, in hopes we create a more unified UAC.”

Filled with comforting food and drinks as well as live entertainment that the students could enjoy sitting outside, the U of Utah Asia Campus invited students from all over the Incheon Global Campus to attend. There were different activities for students to participate in, including a raffle. In terms of entertainment, there were DJs that the U of Utah Asia Campus hired, along with student performers who showed off their skills by performing songs and even magic!

One of the performers, a junior majoring in psychology named Muhammad Al Amin Suharwoto commented, “Big Red was a good opportunity for me to connect more with my peers and faculty. It was an amazing experience, and I thank the UAC for giving me a stage to showcase my talent.”

The faculty and student body came together to pull through a successful event, allowing students to catch a breath before their final push for exams.