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Adobe Competition is our new tradition and signature event of the University of Utah Asia Campus. Participation of the all UAC students is strongly encouraged so that the students can raise strategic thinking, communication, and web development skills.

This year's topic is Jikji(직지심경). Jikji is the earliest cast-metal type print in the global history well before Gutenburg. However, it is not widely known that Jikji is the earliest and Korean heritage. So, we'd like to raise public awareness of the excellency of Jikji by creating a promotional website using Adobe Express website development tool.

Your tasks will be simple. Study about Jikji. Create a website to promote Jikji. Establish marketing strategy to sell your website with other marketing ideas combined. Pitch your idea in front of the judging panels.

Register your team by April 11th 12 AM (Midnight).

Team Registration


Information Session [4/4/24 - 12-1pm KST]
Information Session [4/4/24 - 12-1pm KST]
U107 Zion Hall, (Snack provided for RSVP) RSVP below.
Kickoff & Design Principles Workshop [4/11/24 - 12-1pm KST]
Kickoff & Design Principles Workshop [4/11/24 - 12-1pm KST]
Virtual Only, please register below
Join Kickoff
Team Presentation [4/19/24 - 2:30-5pm KST]
Team Presentation [4/19/24 - 2:30-5pm KST]
Presentation time & details will be provided directly to registered teams via Email
Awards Ceremony [4/19/24 - 5-6pm]
Awards Ceremony [4/19/24 - 5-6pm]
The Awards Ceremony & reception will be held right after the Team Presentations

1st prize

$1000 per person

2nd prize

$500 per person

3rd prize

$300 per person

**Prizes will be awarded as a tuition stipend in the form of a one-time Experiential Learning Scholarship at the University of Utah Asia Campus. All terms and conditions of the U Asia Campus scholarship will apply.

How will this work?
  • This is open to any undergraduate student at the University of Utah. Participating students will be divided into teams of 2-3.
  • Each team will leverage Adobe Express to create the most effective fundraising website using data and assets from Adobe.
  • Teams will compete for one week to see which website is the most effective across key judging categories (provided later).
  • Winners will be selected based on judging criteria and prizes will be awarded.
Benefits to you:
  • Gain high-demand skills with Adobe Express, data visualization, marketing, and communication. Don’t know Adobe Express? We will teach you in a workshop as well as provide online training from Adobe. Receive a learning badge from Adobe by completing the online training!
  • Network with industry leaders. Professionals from Adobe and others.
  • Participate in a meaningful social cause to bring awareness on the Jikji and excellence of Korean printing technology.
  • All while having a lot of fun, competing with other teams!



Join us to learn basic design principles to enhance your public website to raise awareness of Jikji and Korean printing technology.


Adobe Creative Commons Team

Holly K. Johnson
Holly K. Johnson is the Associate Director of Digital Learning Innovation and Outreach at the University of Utah. In 2021 was named an Adobe Creative Campus Thought Leader and recipient of the 2021 University Connected Learning Innovation Award. She joined the University of Utah in 2010 as an Assistant Professor in Graphic Design. She also worked as an Instructional Consultant at the Center for Teaching Excellence, working with faculty and graduate students, with a specific focus on design thinking as a pedagogical practice. Before receiving her MFA from Utah State University in 2010, she spent seventeen years as a textile apparel and home goods product designer, for three Fortune 500 companies, conducting trend research around the world for global brands. Her passion is identifying new approaches to promote creative agency, and facilitate engaged, meaningful learning experiences, with an interest in community learning spaces for ideation, exploration, iteration with a focus on the pedagogy of play.
Audra Carlisle
Audra Carlisle is a Learning Experience Designer, currently serving as the Digital Creativity Manager in University Connected Learning’s department of Digital Learning Experience Innovation and Outreach at the University of Utah. She works directly with students in the Adobe Creative Commons at Kahlert Village, coordinating service development, programming, and learning resource production. She also works with instructors and administrators across the university to navigate creative digital teaching tools using modern, research-based approaches in digital pedagogy and new media engagement. On top of all that, she’s an avid gardener, dog petting enthusiast, and advocate for adolescent-young-adult (AYA) cancer prevention, awareness, and treatment equity. B.A. in Arts, Media & Engineering (Arizona State University) M.Ed. in Learning Design & Technologies (Arizona State University)
Stella Liechty
Stella Liechty is a Human Centered Design expert currently working as an Instructional Consultant and Technical Writer for Digital Learning Experience Innovation and Outreach for University Connected Learning at the University of Utah. She is currently working primarily to develop program and systems level design for new online master’s degree programs. She also works with partners both on campus and corporate to develop new educational initiatives and pathways for students, staff, faculty and community members. When not at work, she spends time practicing and studying yoga, wandering with her dog and friends, and exploring the deserts and mountains of the west by foot, bike, ski and vintage Toyota. Stella believes that thinking globally and acting locally is truly the way forward.