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Home Trip to Central Park | Sept. 17,

Trip to Central Park | Sept. 17,

If you wish to participate for the extended Incheon Field Trip in Central Park, please fill in this form. Students will arrive at the UAC around 3:30-4, then participants to Central park will depart together to Central Park for the boat ride. The boat ride will be paid by the Marketing department.

Trip to Central Park | Sept. 17
Which boat do you want to ride?


This event is hosted by the marketing department in collaboration with Incheon Facilities Operation Corporation. The session will be photographed and video-graphed. I hereby authorize the University of Utah Asia Campus and its officers, agents, employees, successors, licensees, and assigns (the “university”) to take photos and recordings of me and to and use my image, likeness, and appearance (collectively the “photos”) without compensation to me, for any educational, nonprofit, institutional, scientific, or informational purpose. This consent is completely voluntary and up to me.
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