University of Utah English Language Institute

What is the English Language Institute?

The ELI prepares students for an American university by improving their academic English proficiency. 

Why enroll in the Bridge Program?

Successful completion of the program (B average or higher) waives the TOEFL/IELTS requirement for those who apply for an undergraduate degree from the University of Utah and meet all other admission requirements.

The Bridge program is 16 weeks of instruction.  Classes are approximately 5 hours each day and are held Monday Friday.

How much does the Bridge Program cost?

Tuition is $5,000 for one semester-half the price of standard tuition.  

What are the English Language Institute admission requirements?

  • A TOEFL score of 60-79
  • An IELTS score of 6.0

Course Offerings

We offer a wide spectrum of courses that provide instruction in various high-interest topics to prepare students for university coursework, strengthening speaking, listening, note taking, and vocabulary.

Advanced Grammar and Academic Language

In this advanced language course, students will develop a more in-depth analysis of grammar structures and usage at the word and sentence level. Students will develop an understanding of academic language features such as tone, formality, nominalization, etc. Additionally, students will improve their understanding of academic vocabulary.

Academic Writing

In this advanced writing course, students will move from multi paragraph argumentative essays to multi–paragraph research papers. Students will employ a variety of sentence structures and academic vocabulary. Additionally, students will learn the fundamentals of working with sources, avoiding plagiarism, and citation (MLA and APA) while developing the ability to summarize, synthesize and analyze texts.

College Success

In this advanced integrated skills course, students will engage academic language in many aspects. Students will develop effective study skills, test-taking strategies, note taking skills, and improve listening/reading comprehension. Additionally, students will develop summarization, synthesis, and presentation skills.

Public Speaking & Debate

In this advanced listening and speaking course, students will develop speaking skills by engaging in both prepared and impromptu discussions, presentations, speeches and debates. Students will build foundational skills in organization, research and argumentation. Furthermore, students will utilize listening skills by practicing effective techniques in note taking while listening to academic content.