The University of Utah Asia Campus is honored and excited to be one of the founding institutions of Incheon Global Campus. Students from around the world have convenient access to the University of Utah’s amazing faculty, staff, and academic culture at the Asia Campus. The U offers several exciting undergraduate and graduate degrees to students from around the world. Currently, The University of Utah Asia Campus offers three undergraduate majors in  communication, psychology and social work, and one graduate major in public health.

All students at The University of Utah Asia Campus will receive a University of Utah degree, while being taught and mentored by qualified faculty appointed at the University of Utah in South Korea. The undergraduate students will spend three years studying at the University of Utah Asia Campus in South Korea, and one year studying in the Salt Lake City campus in Utah. Graduate students will also spend one year at the Asia Campus and one year in the Salt Lake City campus to complete their degrees.

About Incheon Global Campus

Termed as the “best global education hub in Northeast Asia,” Incheon Global Campus (IGC) is a national project established by the Korean government and Incheon Metropolitan City, to nurture next generation global manpower who will lead in education, economics, industry, culture, and art. With an investment of 1 billion dollar, the global campus will host ten of the world’s leading universities all ranked among the top 100 universities and draw a diverse population of around 10,000 students from around the globe.