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The undergraduate degree in Urban Ecology focuses on exploring the interrelationships among social, environmental and economic systems, with an aim toward enhancing the vitality and sustainability of places and communities. For those seeking work at the graduate level, it also provides preparation for the Master of City & Metropolitan degree.

The program is designed to respond to the particular problems and opportunities that exist in the “new west.” These might be characterized as environmental management, fragile landscape protection, recreation and tourism, public lands planning, rapid population growth, rural towns, regional transportation, energy production and low density sprawl.

The field of Urban Ecology helps communities understand the complexity of issues that affect daily quality of life as well as the long-term health of the environment. It is a highly interdisciplinary field and the workday usually brings a variety of different activities including analytical work, community meetings, problem solving, and administrative actions. The undergraduate program in Urban Ecology will prepare students well for professional careers in environmental and sustainability planning, urban planning, public health, public policy, and community development.

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher to be admitted to the major. To enter the major, a student must first seek consultation from the program advisor and then request to be coded as a major. Click on this follwing link to see the listed required courses.




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