Undergraduate Degree Programs

The University of Utah is honored to have been invited to bring its record of academic excellence to the Republic of Korea with the opening of its new Asia Campus. The University of Utah offers the best possible academic experience. Your education is based on more than just the classes you take or the grades you receive. The programs and curriculum focus on critical thinking, group projects, peer feedback, and mentoring.


3+1: Studying in Asia and the U.S.

As an undergraduate student admitted to the Asia Campus you will spend three years studying at the Asia Campus and one year studying at the U.S. Campus.

Undergraduate degree programs offered at the Asia Campus include: Communication (BA/BS), Psychology (BS), Film & Media Arts (BA), Urban Ecology (BS), and Civil & Environmental Engineering.

 3 semesters asia campus + 1 semester utah campus
*Students will be eligible to study at the Salt Lake City Campus only after completing 60 credit hours at the Asia Campus.





Where is the University of Utah (USA) located?

The University of Utah is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The campus is just minutes away from Salt Lake City International Airport, with short flights to major West Coast cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

With easy access to the Wasatch Mountain Range and near the Grand Canyon, the U offers endless opportunities for hikers, bikers and skiers seeking the best outdoor recreation available in the world







Global Campus First Year Studies

The first year at the University of Utah Asia Campus is called Global Campus First Year Studies. First-year students complete a set of foundational courses: A two-semester sequence on the topic of global citizenship; introductory major courses; courses to develop academic writing skills; and also math and science. The second year is focused on coursework for the major.

Students will typically spend two semesters, roughly around their third year of studies, at the University of Utah Salt Lake City campus. The fourth year integrates degree coursework with career readiness and preparation.

Upon completion of these first year courses, students receive a Global Citizenship Certificate.



Last Updated: 8/31/18