The Olympic Broadcasting Services select the Utah Asia Campus as a Partner

Olympic Broadcasting Services, the Host Broadcaster for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, has selected The University of Utah Asia Campus in Songdo, Incheon as one of its partner universities to participate in their Broadcast Training Program.

The goal of the Broadcast Training Program is to provide a hands-on look into the intricacies of the Olympic Games in media and television to the university students of the host country. The workshops held in the partner universities will give students practical experience, as students learn how one of the largest global broadcasting service operates. Continue reading

Korean War Stories Told by U Students

By Lindsay Kite, development officer for the College of Humanities

korean-war-stories-300x300Five U Asia Campus communication students are working on recording stories about the Korean War after each of them were selected to receive funding from theUndergraduate Research Opportunities Program. The funds provide students and faculty members the chance to work collaboratively on projects.

The UAC students’ project, termed “Longbridge,” seeks a connecting link between Koreans and other foreigners that may not have been formed if not for the Korean War. It also seeks to unite generations by disseminating the stories to Internet-connected younger audiences. To receive funding through UROP, each of the applicants generated their own proposals and worked with Paul Rose, director of the UAC Undergraduate Communication Program, through several revisions in the competitive process to receive the highly sought-after funding. Continue reading

Asia Campus Sees Rise in Student Enrollment

By Jana Cunningham

UAC-rise-in-student-enrollmentOn Aug. 31 the University of Utah Asia Campus in Incheon, South Korea, opened its doors to more than 125 students (up from 81 last semester and just 13 in fall 2014). The new students were welcomed with orientation activities prior to beginning classes and joined faculty, staff and administrators to learn more about the campus, academic opportunities and college life.

At orientation, the students received their Stoles of Gratitude, a U tradition extended to the Asia Campus. They’re given to students at the launch of their college careers and are told to gift them to someone at graduation who has made a significant contribution during their educational journey. The stoles act as reminders that no one successfully completes college alone and it takes a community of support. Continue reading

U of U to Partner with Japan Women’s University for Social Work Symposium

social-work-symposiumIn October 2015 The University of Utah will partnering with Japan Women’s University to hold a symposium discussing the state of social work in Asia. The symposium will be taking place at the U Asia Campus in Songdo, South Korea.

Social Work SymposiumThe symposium will include attendees from Japan Women’s University, in addition to colleagues from surrounding countries in the region and from the University of Utah’s College of Social Work.

“We will be holding a small conference on the current status of social work in Asia,” said Caren Frost, Director of the University of Utah’s College of Social Work. “This is a culmination of all the work we’ve been doing with Japan Women’s University for the past eight years.” Continue reading

Jean Oh Q&A

jean-ohQ: What is your job title and what do you do within the OGE?
A: Within OGE I am the main Campus Director for the Asia Campus. I live and work here in Salt Lake City, but my main duties are focused on serving the Asia Campus by promoting it here on the main campus by giving presentations to various departments, and working with the offices around campus to ensure a seamless experience for our students.

Q: What is a day in the life of you job like?
A: A day in the life could be anything including working with the registrar’s office to make sure that our students are registered and that they have all the paperwork that they need, connecting our registrar’s office here with the student affairs staff in Korea and working out any kinks there are to ensure a seamless operation. Continue reading