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2022 International Bio & Pharm (InBioPharm) Exhibition

The University of Utah Career & Internship Development Center is proud to have sent 12 student volunteers as guides & interpreters for the 2022 International Bio & Pharm (InBioPharm) Exhibition held in Songdo Convesia.

This event is hosted by the Incheon Metropolitan City and has over 100 companies (both domestic & global) in attendance. The purpose of this InBioPharm is to provide a proactive platform where industry experts can experience the latest bio-pharma innovations to prepare for the New Normal Area.

Psychology Major Jihyun Park states, “This event is so exciting for me since it relates to my future interest in the healthcare industry. It is very eye-opening for me to meet professionals in this field from all over the globe and assist them with their inquiries. I know this will also benefit my career since I can put this on my resume as well. I am so happy to be able to participate in this InBioPharm Event.”

Please contact uac-careers@utah.edu if your organization is seeking student volunteers and/or supporters for your next event (exhibitions, workshops, concerts, conferences, etc).

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