Adjunct Assistant Professor Tülay Dixon

Areas of Expertise: Technology Assisted Learning, Hybrid Courses, and Pedagogy
UAC Courses: Writing 1010, Writing 2010 and Global Citizenship
Office: U824

Tülay Dixon received her B.A. in English Language Teaching from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. She then completed a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics at the University of Utah. While pursuing her master’s degree, she also taught several grammar and writing courses to undergraduate international students. Her main research interests lie in course development, technology integrated language teaching and pragmatics. She is also currently exploring the area of corpus linguistics. While at the University of Utah Asia Campus, she wants to research how the use of corpora can be effectively incorporated into freshman writing courses to provide students with a tool to overcome the difficulties that some face as non-native speakers.

In her free time, Tülay loves doing outdoor activities—especially hiking and snowboarding. She also loves decoration and crafting.