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Resident Life

General Dormitory Information

Students at the University of Utah Asia Campus are eligible for on-campus housing. Students are housed in fully furnished apartment buildings that have lounges, a laundromat, exercise facilities, and a cafeteria. The University of Utah provides a safe, comfortable, and healthy living environment that is shared with students from other universities at the Incheon Global Campus. Applications should be submitted directly to IGC. Check out the IGC housing website for information on boarding expenses.

There are two fully furnished student dormitory complexes on the IGC campus housing more than 2,000 students. A resident supervisor and an assistant live in the dorms to assist resident students. The following apartment options are available:


On-Campus Housing - Single


On-Campus Housing - Double






 Housing Studio 
Total Rooms 
1 bed 2 beds Guest Rooms Disabilities 2 bedrooms
Student Dorm A     348 24  382 
Student Dorm B 1,280   8 12   1,300 
Total  1,280 348 12 18 24 1,682


Packing Information

Supplied Basic Furnishings Desk, chair, wardrobe, bed (single sized mattress), stand  
Suggested Personal Belongings Personal computer, toiletries, LAN cable, other living goods (e.g. toilet paper, hangers, bathroom shoes, waste bin), bedding (e.g. pillow, pad, bed clothes), etc.
Small refrigerators are allowed to be brought in to the room


Restricted Items

Classification Type
Electric Heating Appliances Electric pad, electric heater, iron, electric stove, etc. *A curling iron shoud have a power cutoff features. 
Home appliances Refrigerator, cooling fan, electric rice cooker, hot plate, electric pot, coffee maker, etc.
Last Updated: 5/25/21