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Mathematics Accuplacer Test Guidelines 

  • Pencil
  • U ID or other picture ID (e.g. driver’s license, school I.D. card, passport, etc.) is required for admittance to the test

Remember to be on time!

No, Calculators are not permitted.

The Accuplacer is not timed by the online program. But, the realities of running a testing center require that there be some kind of predictability in scheduling. Thus, because the average test taker finishes within 90 minutes, the Testing Center allows test takers a maximum of two hours to finish the exam.

The Accuplacer is a computer-based test, and this allows it to be adaptive to your particular skill level. For example, if you do well on the first questions, it may skip questions that may be too easy for you, and move directly on to a more difficult type of question. Thus, as part of the testing process, you may advance through three different tests:

  • Arithmetic (AR)
  • Elementary Algebra (EA)
  • College Level Math (CLM)

Accuplacer Score(s) Placement

AR < 120 or EA <= 54

Math 990

54 < EA <= 90 or CLM < 50

Math 1010

CLM >= 50

Math 1030, 1040, 1070

CLM >= 60

Math 1050, 1090

CLM >= 65

Math 1080 (or Math 4010 if your major requires this)

CLM >= 80

Math 1060 or 1100

90 <= CLM <= 120

Math 1210, 1310

A score report print-out will be available immediately after taking the test. At the end of the test, you will get a copy of your test results.

The Accuplacer brand Math Placement test is used by the University of Utah to identify the proper level of Math class for which a student should register. It also allows the professors to have a clear record of student achievement in mathematics, before entering a mathematics class at the university.

On the main campus, you would take what you are placed into, according to the Accuplacer test. However, at the UAC, you will automatically be placed into Math 1050, even if your score below that threshold.

Candidates must wait one complete week before retaking the Math Placement test. Contact Academic advising center if you’d like to retake the test to gain a higher score.

Generally, No. The Accuplacer exam is a requirement for all students. However, there are certain exceptions which are outlined below.

Those who do not take the exam will NOT be able to register for a mathematics course in the following semester. This is the policy at UAC.

There are a few cases where students do not need to take Accuplacer:

  • ACT Math score of 23 or SAT Math score of 540, you place into Math 1050 (College Algebra) without need of Accuplacer.
  • If you have either ACT Math of 28 or SAT Math score of 630, you place into Math 1210 (Calculus) without need of Accuplacer.

If you believe that you place out of a mathematics class completely, then obviously you do not have to take the exam. Students who place out of any math class have one of the following:

  • AP Calculus AB score of 3 or higher
  • AP Calculus BC score of 3 or higher


Last Updated: 9/24/20