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Student Affairs Staff

Brian Byun
Assistant Dean of Admissions & Marketing
Ext. 6131
Location: 804
JaeHoon Ava Choi
Assistant Director of Admissions
Ext. 6130
Location: 201
Ji Heo
Admissions Counselor
Ext. 6135
Location: 201
Theresa Fu-Hsing Hsu
Student Affairs Admin Assistant
Ext. 6207
Location: 860
Sujin Jang
Junior Admissions Counselor
Ext. 6133
Location: 201
Molly Kinder
Program Coordinator, Student Affairs
Ext. 6016
Location: 206
Jacob Lee
Career Counselor & Program Coordinator
Ext. 6199
Location: 737
Jan Jah-Hyun Lee
Student Mental Health Therapist
Ext. 6142
Location: MCB3052
June-Young Lee
Senior Public Relations Specialist
Ext. 6137
Location: 202
Randy McCrillis
Executive Director/Dean of Students
Location: 855
James Park
Director of External Relations and Alumni Relations
Ext. 6009
Location: 857
Lauren Poindexter
Program Coordinator, Student Affairs
Ext. 6017
Location: 206
Siah Seong
Assitant Director of Marketing
Ext. 6132
Location: 202
Terence Turner
Assistant Dean of Students
Ext. 6014
Location: 805
John Woo
Assistant Director of Career & Internship Development
Ext. 6200
Location: 736
Anna Yacovone
International Programs Coordinator
Ext. 6005
Location: 206