Professor Paul Rose

Communication with an Emphasis in Media

Areas of Expertise: Visual Communication, Media Production, Media Technology, Communication Theory & Research
UAC Courses: Communication 3505 (Living in a Media World), Communication 3550 (Principles of Visual Communication), Communication 3560 (Video Production I)
Phone: 032-626-6207 (+82 32-626-6207)
Office Location: U857

I have worked at the University of Utah for over 33 years. My present position is as a faculty member, but I have also been a staff member and a student at the U. I earned the Masters of Science and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Utah, and the Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University. I have taught thousands of students about theoretical and applied aspects of visual communication. My professional experience and interests are congruous with the courses I have taught. Mostly I have been involved with sports media production like hockey, basketball and the Winter Olympic Games.

New experiences are of great interest to me, and consequentially I have directed many seminal programs and endeavors. These include designing, specifying and installing equipment for a number of media production facilities like television and audio studios. I have established interdisciplinary programs that involve college students in sports, medicine, and news/documentary production.

Outside of these professional experiences, I enjoy hiking, biking, gardening and golf. Family time is wonderful, although when all the children and grandchildren get together it can get pretty loud!