Online CARE/BIT Report

To share information about a possible violation policy, please complete the form below. WARNING: If this is a time sensitive issue, please CALL one of the following offices for a more immediate response: Campus Police (emergencies 112) Dean of Students Office 032-626-6006 (during business hours) or 010-6241-6003 during after hours. By submitting this report, you acknowledge and affirm that all information provided is accurate and truthful. Knowingly filing a false report is a violation of the University of Utah Asia Campus Student Code.  You do not have to provide your name.

CareNetwork Report

Name of person making the report.
Your email where we may contact you for more information.
Your phone number where we may reach you for more information.
Please include a description of the incident or observed behavior, include as much of the following as you can Student, faculty or staff member’s name and ID number (if known) Direct quotes whenever possible. Where and when the incident or behavior occurred. Names and contact information of witnesses. Your name, position and complete contact information. Include all emails or other information you have. Always save voice recordings, text messages and emails on the device that received them.