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Psychology Student Wins Grand Prize in KPA Logo Design Contest

On January 9 (Wednesday), BAN Ga-young (Psychology, The University of Utah Asia Campus) won the Grand Prize in the logo design contest hosted by the Korean Psychological Association (KPA). The contest had been opened to all university students in November last year, with the goal of producing a new logo designed in accordance with the association’s slogan, ‘Everyday Psychology for Everybody,’ in line with its Project Goal for 2018–2020. “I believe that psychology is one of the fundamental disciplines that help human beings become an integral part of society. It is my wish that the general public gets to learn more about psychology, which is what the association’s slogan calls for, and that more people learn to understand and sympathize with what others are feeling,” the winner said. “(The University of Utah) is an American university but undertakes a wide range of activities designed to contribute to advancing the local community here in Korea,” explained UAC Psychology Professor JEONG An-suk. “Because the connection with the Korean Psychological Association is especially important, I encouraged UAC students to take part in the logo contest and Webzine reporter recruiting. I hope that all applicants enjoyed their experience,” she added. For 72 years, the Korean Psychological Association has been one of the acknowledged authorities on psychology in Korea, thanks to its achievements in exploring psychological and social issues and phenomena. The association counts some 20,000 experts among its members, and the winning logo will now be officially used by the association.

Last Updated: 9/24/20