Mental Health Counseling Center


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The Student Counseling Center provides counseling services to The University of Utah Asia Campus students by promoting sound mental health and the coping skills necessary for successful pursuit of their educational and life goals. The service address personal, social, and academic issues. Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling, workshops, consultation, and outreach services. See below for some of the topics we can talk about:

Adjusting to life on campus  Effective communication  Balancing work, life, and school  Helping students in distress  Mindful coping

Building heathy relationships   Coping with grief and loss   Stress reduction   Diversity issues   Suicide awareness and prevention

Location and Contact Information

IGC Health Center

3068 Multi-Complex Building

Telephone: 032-626-6142


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Walk-in are Welcome


Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 8:30a.m.-5:30

 For all safety and medical emergencies, call 119



All inquiries and discussions are treated confidentially.


Eligibility for Services

Student counseling Service is available to currently enrolled students of the University of Utah Asia Campus. All students at the University of Utah Asia Campus are eligible for 12 counseling sessions per year at no cost. If the therapist determines that additional mental health counselling would be beneficial for a particular student, the therapist will refer the student to other experts in the Incheon community who may be able to assist the particular student. There are no fees for attending counseling at student counseling services.