Instructor Kevin Kau

Areas of Expertise: Teacher Education, Pedagogy
UAC Courses: Writing and Global Citizenship Learning Community
Phone: 032-626-6206 (+82 32-626-6206)
Office Location: U829

I was born in Salt Lake City, UT, but I moved to Taiwan after 2nd Grade. I stayed in Taiwan until the 6th grade and then moved to Maryland, where I stayed until I finished 9th grade. From there, I went back to Taiwan and graduated from high school. After that, I moved back to the U.S., attending college at the University of Maryland before finally settling down at the University of Utah. At the University of Utah I received a BFA in Fine Arts, TESOL Certificate, and later an MA in Applied Linguistics.

My main hobby and passion (outside of my professional life) is ballroom dancing. I have been ballroom dancing for the last 4 years, and hope to be able to compete sometime in the future. I also enjoy hiking, photography, and cooking.